A week of successes.


Last Sunday we explored the ruins at Ercolano and had an awesome Italian tour guide.

During the week we were mostly busy with area orientation and taking care of paperwork, but did have the opportunity to look at some beautiful homes.

Saturday was very eventful. We spent the morning driving to Sorrento and exploring the beautiful Amalfi Coast. By the afternoon we had to be back in Naples to meet with our realtor and check out some more wonderful homes.  We ended up finding an incredible one-story place in San Marcellino with the best landlords.

They speak about as much English as Avalon, but they invited us over for an authentic Italian Sunday meal complete with lasagne, calamari, insalata, chicken, potatoes, dessert, coffee, broccoli, mozzarella di bufala, meatballs, eggplant, steak, fresh fruit, magic, vino, and champagne! Lindsey informed me it was considered rude in Italian culture to leave any food on the plate, so needless to say, I am stuffed.  The meal was awesomely awkward given the language barrier, but with the help of our smartphones and lots of ignorant smiles, we made it through. Everything was absolutely terrific and we're looking forward to living there with such amazing landlords next door! Also, we have even more incentive to learn the language (as if we needed more reasons :) )

That pretty much covers the week, and anything important that I missed, I'm sure Lindsey will cover in her report.


-- Scott

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