The Robe Commune

Lounging on the plush couch, glass of excellent wine in hand, watching the girls run around with Miles & Elliot (1 and 3), it occurred to me.  "Guys, we should form a commune!!!"

A commune in the Alps.  With a downstairs spa... and maid service... and a personal shopper... and midnight sledding followed by spiked hot chocolate... with ridiculous games of charades... and two dozen eggs getting scrambled every morning.

Days spent playing/ snowboarding/ skiing outside in air fresher than a York peppermint patty, and nights under a sky so clear the stars put our (we as collective bedazzled ladies in the group) diamonds to shame.

"Jackson!  Laura!  Look how classy you guys look in these robes that come with the rooms!  These are so comfortable I could live in them... These should be the official outfit of the commune!!!"

I want to go (back) to there (the first floor of our house).
How happy were we?  Laura happy.

Still can't believe this is real... and that we didn't get more pictures.
 Between my stupid back (has spasms again, possibly a slipped disc) and my stupid sprained ankle, I did not go snowboarding.  Or even leave the house.  Still one of the best vacations of my life.  Desperately wish I had a picture of all of us in our robes, wine goblets in hand.  Hugh Hefner really is onto something.

As I learned how to get by on crutches (it turns out the key is other, able bodied people being awesome and helping), the girls did something far more interesting and started gymnastic lessons.
Charging to the trampoline
...charge did not lead to as big a jump as we might have hoped

her AMAZING coach

The wedge is supposed to make forward rolls easier... she opted for rolling up it

Her favorite part of class~ intimidating moms with her knowledge of marine life.  "Oh, sorry, that's not a whale, it's a humpback whale... with her whale shark friend."
Now that I've discovered how to use Windows 8 (and by 'discovered' I obviously mean 'Scott made a pictures shortcut so easy a Lindsey can do it), these posts are getting long awfully fast.  Will hold off on resolution update pictures until next time :-)

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