The Fellowship Of The Skis

Since Lindsey already took care of the heavy-lifting by posting a nice Ski Trip to Austria blog entry, I suppose I can just say thanks to the awesome person (or persons) who discovered and turned in my cell phone after it stupidly hurled itself from my body somewhere around here:

Makes the 45 minutes I spent trudging up the mountain  searching for my phone Hansel-style totally worth it!

Contrary to popular belief, the Alps are actually an expansive European mountain range filled with miles and miles of idiotic American tourists trying to commit Snowboard Seppuku.  The bumps and bruises were all worth it though, when I got to see places like this:

The town of St. Christoph tucked into the Austrian mountainside

It wasn't only about the skiing though-- this weekend had a bit of something for everyone:

Kylie managing to make the best of an awesome situation.
Avalon vying to become Queen Of The Mountain.

New best friends (The most meaningful Google+  kind)

Not pictured:

  1. Crazy Hot Tub Time Machine-esque Apres-Ski Parties complete with live music versions of classic rock anthems (Queen, AC/DC, Bonjovi), singers walking on tables, creepy European guys ogling us, and the fine tradition of singers just making up their own lyrics when the actual English words seem too confusing.
  2. ~5 hours worth of a reading of The Hobbit (with plenty of chalkboard-scratchingly annoying Gollum-voice) and a special on the Great Mongol Jaynghis Khan which apparently kept everyone in the Party Van from getting any sleep.
  3. The kids running all throughout the house chasing each other and planning impromptu wedding parties, and fighting over who gets to sleep in the top bunk (aka: the alluring "Red Bed").

Thus concludes one of those posts that veers away from our normal day-to-day minutia and instead makes you feel a little bit bad about not living up to the awesome standards set by our online personas :-).

P.S. If you ever find yourself in St. Anton Am Arlberg, Austria, don't pass up an opportunity to check out this awesome place.

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  1. Yay. Delighted that you all seem to muddle through your Austrian holiday. <3