"If I do Say so Myself"~ 6 lifehacks courtesy of Nana

1. On treating yo'self:
"It's important to sometimes have a slice of pie for breakfast."

2. On treating others:
"If you can, say yes."

3. On truth:
"A good Christian like me shouldn't cuss... but a good Christian also shouldn't lie, and that man *is* an asshole!"

4. On marriage:
"You can say,  'Maybe I'm being completely unreasonable, but as your wife I am asking you to [do something the reason-ability of which is now completely irrelevant] for me', and that's okay."

5. On death:
"No, I'm not afraid to die.  Heaven is going to be a *great* party... but if the good Lord isn't ready for me, I certainly won't rush him."

6. On the Lewinski scandal/ gossip in general:
"It's disgusting... everyone worrying if it's true or not true, when what they should be worrying about is it's none of their damn business."

Thanks for all the advice (and toast), wonderful Nana :-) 

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