Life in Suburbia (NSFW)

I believe days should begin happily.  For me, this means snuggles with my littles, a cappuccino, and club music from 5-10 years ago.  It becomes a fun game.  It's not monotony, it's a girls' night out morning in!
yes, I Googled 'night club' and added the first image I saw
As in, "hey ladies, drinks are on me!" (Because the drinks are Carnation instant breakfast, and it's my job to nourish you)  Or, "All right ladies, let's get fancy!"  (change into something other than their pajamas/ the clothes I fell asleep in the night before while nursing Patrick)  

Inevitably, the cappuccino wears off/ Ludacris comes on, and I realize my morning is less this:

...and more this:

...and that is sad.  This morning, though, something changed!  A thought full of Christmas cheer flitted into my mind!  A thought of second chances and hope and redemption!  Michael Bolton went from a punchline to this!

So, downtrodden moms and dads and nerdy white guys everywhere, if that no-talent assclown can do it, there's hope for us all!  Ho ho ho, and a very merry Christmas :-)