It's a...

(last appointment)
Dr : So, you can head down to radiology.
Me: Yay!
Radiology: Our ultrasound tech isn't in today
Me: That's fine, can I make an appointment for Friday?
Radiology: She's on vacation.  You can make an appointment for a month from now.
Me: (sad face)

So one month and many now-too-small clothes later, here we (fetus and I) are.
belly: 5 months, inept photographers: ages 2 and 4 years :-)

Ultrasound revealed what I'd known to be true for quite some time- baby is in breach position, and joyously kicking the daylights out of my bladder.  After establishing the basics (functioning heart/ intact spine/ etc) we moved on to the question of the day (or in our case, year)- bambino or bambina?

Baby 3 was very compliant, and within about 20 seconds of looking, flashed what seemed very much to be man-parts.  After a tiny shift, it became very apparent:

Thrilled, Scott and I went to buy (finally- I've been wanting to do this for years!) some tiny man apparel.  Oh baby boy, I love you so much already...  And your big sisters are fighting over whose prince you will be :-)

next stop: Osh Kosh B'gosh online
So there you have it, internet world.  Man-child Crawford will be showing his handsome little face sometime around the 22nd of October, and we can hardly wait 

fun bonus: boy outfits have booty designs, too!


  1. Sending great beams of joy from 7 Lily Rd!!!!

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to take the little man cub on a trip to Vermont :-)

  2. This is just way too cute, Lindsey, my daughter Renee has three boys and my son, Brian has two. Both were hoping for a girl the second time around. I guess chance and Mother Nature wins in the end. It’s all good!

  3. Linds, Fabulous news delivered in the Linds style we all love. :-) So glad for all of you, the Crawford family.
    In response to Emile, I believe it's the male that actually determines boy or girl. Nice job Scott.
    Love you all so very much! xoxo

  4. best news in like.......forever! Thanks for sharing angel :)) love you all so very much, hugs to all ((((( )))))

  5. Thanks, guys :-) Glad the happy translated so well from our faces to the blog and that you could get in on it :-) Lots of love!

  6. Gabe has already launched an advocacy group - Younger Brother's Defense Fund or such. I'm just thankful for another grandchild... and the opportunity to look for a small blue motorcycle of course.