I could (and did) fill up pages with how amazing my Nana was.  They were all somehow both too much and not enough.  She was a treasure to me as a kid, and a role model to me as an adult. Always both incredibly strong, and completely feminine.

The love she had for the world is unrivaled by anyone I've ever known.  For neighbor kids who needed a bath and a warm meal... for lonely tenants who needed who needed reminding that they were good and important and loved... for orphans on TV... for employees who were struggling with illness or finances...

Most especially, love for her family.  More love than I can ever properly describe, but it's all over my face.

No safer or happier place in the world

I haven't posted anything since flying home for her last few days.  It's hard to reconcile the peace and joy she brought with the exquisite pain of losing her.

my heart shattering: a visual
 Back in Italy, the week after Nana's funeral, I was given a lovely gift.  Scott and I got our first glimpse of someone we've been looking forward to seeing for some time now.

This tiny little person will never sit in Nana's living room while she plays the accordion, or know the happiness of hearing Nana's car go "beepbeepbeepbeepbeep, beep beep" in the driveway announcing her arrival, or smile every time someone walks by wearing Eternity for women...

Baby 3 was in Nana's house, though.  And was with me on the couch when I was unable to sleep, on the bed while I held Nana's hand and told her stories of her life and influence , and there in the end when I said my final goodbye.

My mom visited my Nana the day before she slipped into her coma, and announced my pregnancy.  So even though they'll never meet, Nana knew of and loved this little baby.
meeting Kylie

meeting Avalon
Oh Nana, you wonderful beautiful gem of a person, I'll miss you.

a love story ever so much better than The Notebook

my amazing Nana, as remembered by my amazing Dad

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful tribute, Lindsey. This first motherless Mother's Day coming so soon after our losses was a strange thing. Having fabulous children and grandchildren makes the world right <3