Monkey Planet

The monkeys were indeed THAT way.
Took a trip to the magical Monkey Planet (http://www.teverolamonkeyplanet.it/dove_siamo.html), and the girls had a wonderful time (imagine Chuck E. Cheese's, but with a little Italian flair and no safety codes thrown in).  The only sad part was when we had to leave, because daddy was all out of coins.

Followed up this with the girl's first experience with a McDonald's Happy Meal. Ava had some chicken mcnuggets that tasted like they had been fried in movie theatre butter, and kylie had a Mc Grilled Cheese sandwich that she couldn't figure out whether she liked the mysterious circle prosciutto in it or not.

All in all, I don't think they've been missing out too much on Mickey D's. Their favorite part was the toy at the end, and the terrifyingly steep slide at the Play Place. Parenting Accomplished.

What are they looking at?
Look, Daddy, I'm FANCY.
She would stay here all year if I let her

She looks so graceful.
This mildly amuses me.
Whoaaah, girl!
Obligatory shot for Loretta
Silly Belly Button.
Got a Lil Captain in her.
Master of Her Domain.

P.S. Bonus Videos!


  1. Scott! Wonderful pictures and video! Happy St. Patrick's Day. Love you to pieces. p.s. nice giraffe shot. <3

  2. Choo choo!Choo choo! Choo choo! Adorable.