Happy Birthday.... Cake.

To celebrate Lindsey's birthday this year, the girls and I made a cake.... These are the tragic, tragic results:

Starts out so cute and friendly...
Kylie sneaking some frosting.
Ava takes her turn on the stirring...
Still going well...
 Suddenly-- Cake ends up slightly burned due to mis-reading the Celsius temperature... so I cut around the bad parts-- tried to turn it into an octagon, but there ended up not being enough smeared frosting mixed with warm soft cake parts to cover the whole thing... so after a quick trip through the freezer, we turned it back into a rectangular abomination of a cakewreck.  And the girls dumped a pile of sprinkles on it  :)

Happy Birthday, sweetheart, come home soon!
-- Scott
Ran out of frosting.
Truer words have never been spoken.

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  1. Too funny Scott, I know she is anxious to be with all of you.