So... Italians love babies

Arriving in Italy is like getting to a family reunion.  The good kind.  Where they welcome you with genuine smiles, good food, and want to play with your kids so you can eat and chat :-).  From the airports where business men stopped to ruffle the girls' hair, to the hotel staff who greeted our kids with open arms and kisses, to the cafe owner who insisted on taking pictures of them exclaiming "Amore, amore, bellissima bambina!" and gave Kylie free dessert.... it has just been overwhelmingly warm and welcoming and wonderful.
Most of our time so far has been devoted to catching up on sleep, but in between naps the highlights have been: dining with our incredibly thoughtful sponsor family, stumbling upon a bamboo field that we explored with the girls, and eating caprese so fantastic that English, French, Spanish, and Italian all mingled together while Scott & I tried to express our delight and gratitude :-)


  1. Fun fact I forgot to add: bamboo grows crazy fast... like... up to 39 inches in a day. ~ Lindsey