One Week in Italy: Complete

So we've now finished off our first week in Naples as a family and still haven't been robbed, maimed, gotten in to a car accident or even chipped a tooth.  Looks like this place might just be a decent locale to set up some roots after all!

The search for a home and a reliable automobile continues, but we've been making the best of our hotel confinement by going on walks and trying out the local cuisine and I've been going to the base almost daily which has provided some great opportunities to maintain ties with American culture as well as given me an opportunity to work on my Italian with our driver who speaks no English whatsoever as far as I can tell.  Grazie, Reynaldo!

Highlights from the week include:

  • Finally getting a cast on my broken hand (which is making it a real pain in the arse to type this blog post)

  • Playing with the girls at a park on base for a couple hours while Linds struggled through some boring orientation lectures

  • Getting new cell phones and feeling like we can actually communicate with the outside world!

  • A rousing game of peekaboo with the craftiest player around.

  • Its getting late and all the ladies are asleep, so I will mosey that direction as well.  Standby for more meaningful updates tomorrow morning from this lady:

-- Scott

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