Arrivederci America

As I lay down to write this post, our bags are all packed up and we're ready to roll out of bed in a couple hours to embark on the next chapter of our lives.  I find myself being excited about the possibilities for our family over the next three years in Italy.  We fully intend to take advantage of the time spent in Europe to explore, take lots of pictures and experience a new culture much different from the ones Lindsey & I grew up with.

There's also a significant part that's going to miss all of our friends and family back here in the states, and it feels a little bit like we just had a Fire Sale on our lives, getting rid of cars, moving across the country, and generally trying to cleanly cut ties with all that we've grown up knowing and loving.  We hope to have lots of good video chats (huzzah for Kinect) and email exchanges with all of our loved ones back home.

I'll keep this one short since we have to be up fairly soon to drive to the airport (5 hours? no problem!), but know that Lindsey & I will continue to love and miss you and we'll always have an extra bed available for anyone who wants to check out Italia.

Try the veal, child.


-- Scott

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