A Crawford Christmas

Christmas in Italy.  Our first with just the four of us.  The first the girls were *really* excited about.  The first without a baby/ puppy around trying to eat ornaments :-)

We had an elf visitor, who I now realize neglected to show up in any of the pictures.  Christopher Popinkins entertained himself drawing pictures on the windows, making snow angels in powdered sugar, and hanging out with the Rapunzel doll despite (according to Kylie) having a husband back at the North Pole.  Upside: we're raising tolerant kids!  Downside: anything to do with elf sexuality.

We wrote many letters to Santa...
Avalon: "I'm writing a letter to Santa.  Ummmmm the letter J.  Yes."

We have determined that through some Christmas magic, Santa receives mail via tree.

Made an authentic German gingerbread house (complete with witch, Hansel, and Gretel)...

Yay, icing!
Most benign looking cannibal-witch ever

 And (of course) cookies...

Avalon reacts to news of cookies

Kylie is told we can't eat them until they've cooled off (and immediately finds a fan)

Snowman pizza for the kids while the grownups had Cuban Christmas Eve

Post-sleepover pancakes
Then, finally, Christmas morning!  The girls were going to be so excited!  Scott and I rushed out to the living room to see their happy faces!  Their faces were still sleeping.  So we sat on the couch and went through our stockings and wondered if 8:30 is too early to wake them up :-)

Since the kids aren't awake, I guess we can just take pictures
Kylie gingerly picked the chocolate off the top, then decided it was present time
"A tricycle!!!"
"I'm playing with Stella outside, you guys can finish  opening presents."


Kylie-frog "helps" Ava-owl get her tricycle 'nice and clean'

After putting on dry clothes and moving inside for more presents, they made up
A very merry Christmas from the Crawfords!


  1. Thank you for these delightful photo glimpses. The last one is too wonderfully Seuss-ish. Love from Vermont. Richard and I are gathering with our ENN family at the Feeser's for New Year's Eve dinner and will be sending love to all our "chicks" that connected us. <3

  2. Thanks so for sharing your Christmas, Punkin. You made such a great experience for the girls. Tough waiting on the kids to wake up and dig in isn't it ;-) Love you all like warm firelight. Dad

  3. How fabulous. Lots of love and big hugs all around. Thanks for sharing and making me smile. xo Uncle